The Amitié Story

House of Amitié is the vision of lifelong friends Angela Bush and Jemma Lewis. 

Having met aged 13 in secondary school and both having a passion for Art & Design we are delighted to share our love for all things interiors, pattern, colour and marbling with you!

The word 'Amitié' (pronounced "a mee tyay" ) means friendship, which is at the heart of our company. 

Angela studied Interior Textile Design at Wolverhampton University and went on to hold a career in Buying for a period of 20 years in London, specialising in Footwear & Accessories for various UK fashion brands. Post Pandemic it was time for a re-think and move back to Wiltshire to be closer to family and her best friend Jemma. 

Jemma has been a full time professional Paper Marbler for over 14 years. Having studied Textile Art at Norwich School of Art & Design, the route to becoming a Paper Marbler was a serendipitous one, taken via a traditional bookbinders, who frequently used marbled papers inside historic marbled tomes, that the bookbinders were tasked to repair. Having worked with many high end clients, it has been a long awaited dream to create a range of printed marbled patterned wallpapers and fabrics. 

Whilst our first collection (launched in 2023) focuses on both wallpapers and fabrics, we intend to expand into a myriad of other products which we look forward to sharing with you as they develop. 

Every new collection will contain a variety of designs, all based on marbled patterns. However, each collection will showcase something a little different each time - as the magic of marbling means the only boundaries are our own imagination!

We look forward to sharing our obsession with Marbling with you all and hope  you love the collection as much as we do!

À bientôt,

Angela & Jemma 



Jemma outside the marbling studio with Finn

Angela and Jemma during their Art Foundation, Trowbridge

Angela (attempting a selfie!)

"Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning" ~ Gloria Steinem